Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another movie review!

I've just watched Ghost Rider. And I think it's lame. Very, very lame. It's not really worth watching so it gives me the right to spoil the movie for everyone.

What's good about the movie are the cool CG effects and Eva Mendes. Actually, this movie is really about the battle between two very hot people, namely, Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes. So while Johnny Blaze (Cage) was trying to impress the audience with his flaming motorcycle, flaming skull and flaming chains, Eva Mendes (I don't even remember the name of her character) has that sexy dress she wore during a dinner date where she got stood up by Johnny. Obviously, Eva beats Cage hands down.

hot or not?

definitely hot

But seriously, I think Ghost Rider's powers are damn lousy. First of all, he can only "chu" power at night, or where it's dark. Secondly, according to some graveyard caretaker/mentor guy, the Rider's strongest power is his stare. I mean, like, WTF is that?

So this guy rides a flashy modded vehicle through the streets attracting attention and stares at people that he finds buay song.

Doesn't this sound oddly familiar?

He is like a super Chao Ah Beng with upgraded staring powers and some gimmicky flames to go along with the "flashy" theme. And he had to sell his soul to the Devil for that.

Even Chao Ah Bengs doesn't need to be in the dark to stare someone down. Usually, the brighter it is, the scarier they look. I'm pretty sure my neighbourhood Chao Ah Beng also thinks that Johnny Blaze is getting the short end of the stick here.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

First post of '07

Ok, it has been really long since I last updated this. I mean, it's February and I'm only writing my first post of the year.

School is as usual - once again, I'm just going through the motions of attending lectures, tutorials and seminars, and if I feel up to it, do some tutorials. Looks like I'm en route to breaking my New Year resolution of pulling my GPA back to where it was.

I having been taking a Muay Thai lessons recently together with a friend of mine and I guess we're losing steam pretty quickly. Laziness got the better of us yesterday and we decided not to go for the lesson.

Reminds me of the numerous Saturdays at home during secondary school while my Boys' Brigade friends marched around in the basketball court and attended sleep-inducing Christian Education classes. Miss Tang was nice enough to pass me so I got a C6 for CCA.

As it's obvious by now, half-hearted attempts at doing things seem to be my forte. Committing whole heartedly somehow hurts too much should I fail. But the flip side is that I would gain huge amounts of satisfaction and pride should I succeed. High risk
junk bonds with crazy returns, or safe and secure US Treasury Bonds with low returns? Just like the answer in finance, it all depends on your investment portfolio and your objectives.

I shall live life dangerously from now on. Do or die. Hold me by my words (I probably won't have the willpower)