Friday, February 24, 2006


I had been busy with assignments this past couple of days, and it will probably be this way until next week at the earliest. I should really hit myself for wasting a perfectly good amount of time doing nothing in particular during the earlier part of the week. I kind of knew this would happen but that's the problem with a lot of people- We don't learn our lessons.

Anyway, I'd just leave you guys with links :) Great way to blog, huh?
And help me complete my Johari window too!

This is a must for anyone interested in the Matrix Trilogy or philosophical discussions. It's very heavy reading but interesting nonetheless.

And for a little more humour- Google is testing their new Paypal killer with Gbuy. You probably won't even need to understand Hokkien to realise this is a pretty bad choice of name.

Er... no links to the NYP sex scandal though, haha. I think everyone knows about it already.

No more $4 an hour part-time job for poor students.

And finally, a link to Jackson's puzzle. It's probably no kick to the notpr0n players. There's no blog on his homepage yet so shall we convince him to do so?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

One half of a semester's over

Before I knew it, the quiz week is over and so is the first half of this semester. Well, granted it's been only 7 weeks, it still seems so much shorter than the first semester's. Which was really funny because I always thought time passes quickly only when you are enjoying yourself. I don't believe I enjoyed myself so why the hell is it recess week already? I must have suffered more last sem or something.
Perhaps as we start getting used to the same environment and daily routines, time just passes by faster. If that's true, then you should keep changing your environment and daily routines so you'd never get used to them and time will also begin crawling. Poor Qin Shih Huang then wouldn't need to look for an immortality pill and neglect ancient China as a result. He could have been ruling his dynasty properly while locked up in the torture chambers. It's uncomfortable and painful for sure, but he will definitely be wondering if time just slowed down. "What? It's only been two hours since I was prodded, whipped and slapped around?"

The school says next week is a recess week but everybody knows its for catching up with schoolwork. But more astute ones probably know that its for people to stone away while pretending to catch up with schoolwork:
Sat - Ah, it's the weekend, I will take a break and start work on Monday
Mon - It's Monday- just one more day of rest lar
Tues - Friends jio me out to play
Wed - Heck I still have 4 more days
Thurs - Damn no time liao, let me start with projects due on Mon
Fri - Tried to focus on work but slept/chat/surf net instead
Sat - Yay! Weekend!

Good luck convincing yourselves to work :)

By the way,

You scored as Psychology.

You should be a Psychology major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Die. Take wrong degree liao.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The very cheem word in the subject actually means "lust".

Today's Valentine's Day so if I don't talk about lust today, then when? Now, I'm certainly not implying that all the couples out there celebrating right now are lusting for one another. Well, maybe they are. Anyway, lust must have been a starting point for like 99% of these couples. It's always like this:
  1. Boy meets girl
  2. Boy lusts for girl
  3. Boy asks girl out
  4. etc
Don't argue, I'm right. Maybe in some situations the roles are switched but lust always plays a part. Most people will say stuff along the lines of "But we started out as friends!" Yeah, but the guy probably had something else in mind when he befriended the girl. Detractors will also say stuff like "It was love at first sight!" "I knew he/she was the one!" That's lust right there. So what about the remaining 1%? I don't know, I'm just playing safe. If I offend you, you are in that 1%.
Then again, what's so bad about concupiscence?

Ok so my inaugural post turns out to be a "sour grapes" kind of argument but I'm sure many singles out there can understand what goes through the mind of a single guy on Valentine's:) Damn those couples. This day was made to suan all the unattached. After spending his whole life blessing couples and being celibate I guess Sir Valentine gained some sadistic streak on his death. Now he wants to torture all singles with insane jealousy on this day forever after.