Friday, December 29, 2006

Yeah! See Ya!

Aaarrghhh!!! Yaarrrgggh!!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Shi Gan

I have just watched the Korean movie Time (Shi Gan), directed the Kim Ki-duk, the same guy who did Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring. Time certainly isn't quite as cryptic as Spring... but it is still fun to watch because it is unpredictable. It is about a woman who undergoes plastic surgery (not to look prettier, but different) because of an insecurity that her boyfriend will soon get bored of her. The lives of the characters simply go downhill right from the start. Sung Hyun-Ah gets really loopy in this film but she is still nice to look at :)

The story gets more improbable and you sometimes marvel at the irrational decisions the characters make. Well, it is quite unbelievable but at least you never know what to expect from it and I guess it does have some underlying meaning about physical appearance, love and identity. I have gripes about the ending though.

I thought some scenes were better left out of the trailer.

Anyway, if you have never watched Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring, I would highly recommend it. If I were to describe it, it is like a summary of life, all taking place in a lake and within four seasons.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Ivalice, Ivalice...

The exams ended on Monday and I have since been putting many hours into thieving, killing evil beasts and saving the world of Ivalice from the clutches of the Archadian empire. Yes! I'm finally playing Final Fantasy 12 after a very, very long wait. The fact that my exams didn't go too well seem secondary now.

I'm gonna go adventure some more.

Once a gamer, always a gamer.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Bout

I adjusted my mask as beads of sweat trickled down the sides of my face. Cold sweat? Perhaps. One could tell my adversary was the more experienced one between the two of us. Compared to me, he had small, effective parries and his control of the blade was pinpoint. I had been lucky to have gotten this far.

But I wasn't going to be thinking about our gulf in experience right in the middle of a bout. There just isn't enough time.

I had just feigned an attack on his quarte, right near where his heart was. I was to then circle my blade clockwise and avoid his parry. But he had recognised the feint and gave a quick counter-parry, our blades clashing in hopes of thwarting each other's course.

I leapt back in fear of a riposte. The attack had failed again. As I retreated, normal circumstances would dictate that it was then his turn to pressure me. Surprisingly, he had not followed up even though the flow of the bout seemed to be in his favour. He probably thought I was laying yet another trap for him but I would have just counter-attacked were I to be in his shoes.

I stole a quick glance at the scoreboard. I had 13, he had 14 and was one point away from winning. The timer showed 3 seconds left. The best outcome right now is probably a tie. Then at least I would have one more minute to get a point out of my opponent.

The problem was that he had become accustomed to my tricks, and had begun anticipating them. All I could do now was to surprise him. With what? A simple attack? It might just work. No disengages and no second intentions. I would just go in with my blade.

Time was running out. I extended my sword arm, all the while pointing at his quarte, and executed a quick step-forward and lunged. For a split second, he did not react. He thought it was a feint and was waiting for my real attack. But that was my real attack. He would be too late in realising that. I felt a sudden sense of exhilaration at the anticipation of a point.

But his well-honed reflexes managed to parry my blade in time.

Happening all in the blink of an eye, I did hit him somewhere on his chest, but only after he parried my blade. Now that he had the right-of-way, he riposted immediately and hit me square on my arm. The scoreboard screamed a loud beep. Time was up. He missed the target area and did not score. But neither did I as he had successfully defended my attack with his parry-riposte, even though it was off-target.

The chill air hits my face as I ripped out my mask. The high from the adrenaline drained from me quickly as I felt ambivalent about the result. It was better than I had expected. But I was close in the chase and lost my chance at winning. No longer the aggressor I was in the bout, I raised my blade, saluted my opponent and shook his hand.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One man's meat is another man's poison

Someone else's folk songs are our expletives

here's an MTV version

Sunday, October 8, 2006

The Secret

What is The Secret?

They had philosophers, psychologists, quantum physicists, financial strategists and even a feng shui consultant as "teachers" of The Secret. And it's supposed to be "the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted". Sounds way too cool not to check it out.

So after the some googling, I finally found this clip that gives it away.

I'm not spiritual enough to believe something like this just yet. It's really just a clever marketing ploy of a some really bad bullshit. But I do like how they did the special effects for the weird psychic "thought waves" though.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Sometimes people seem to change their behaviour and ultimately their perceived personalities, for better or for worse. I've been wondering what our true personalities are. Or if there's such a thing in the first place.

Changing means a decision on one's part to do so. One can't change if one decides that that wasn't the way he/she should behave. So the fact that one had decided to change should mean that his or her "true" personality was predisposed to such behaviour.

But it could also be argued that the change comes from the external environment. The circumstances could have been the factor. Although it is a little romantic to think that we are nothing but a collection of experiences, it is hardly the case. I can't reconcile the fact that under the same circumstances, there are often different behavioural responses from people. The circumstances simply don't explain everything.

I realised that, when it comes to myself, previously undesirable behaviour are now at times, acceptable. I even amaze myself at the stuff I say when I don't care a shit about others. How much of an effect did nurture and nature had on my personality and everyone else's?

If I was all nurture, then I must have received some serious brainwashing to have started changing for the worse. If I was born this way, although I would feel less guilty about my lack of resistance to the change, I would still be innately evil. Sucks either way.

Does anyone knows who he or she truly is? Pardon the cliche - change seems to be the only constant.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Schoolwork and fencing have been keeping me busy since the start of the semester. Somehow I invariably have work outstanding all the time even though I think I'm spending more time on my schoolwork.

I'm glad there's a break now. It gives me time to stop and take account of my situation. And to think about the ultimate question in my life right now - "What the hell do you wanna do with your life?"

Chances are, I'm sticking along with whichever road I'm on. But I hate feeling out of control. Am I here because this was my preferred choice or just that backtracking will cost me too much?

Why do I weigh benefits and costs like the rational man in economic theory? I feel the need to be irrational.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Evidence that spousal abuse happens in nature - or maybe it's just some good-natured spanking

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back to boredom

Now that school has started again, I can no longer do any activities that distract me from reviving this dying blog. I have a very good explanation for the long hiatus.

You see, my universal list of things to do goes like this in descending order of priority:
1) Anything not mentioned below
2) Blog
3) Study

As of this moment I have nothing in No 1. so I'm doing No. 2.

more YouTube goodness->

I don't know what to think

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Please send me money

I am too lazy to blog.

Here's a great video my friend sent me:

Monday, June 26, 2006

depleting reserves

We had another organised tour on Saturday, albeit a short one. Fortunately or unfortunately, these tours will be a regular fixture according to the schedule. I can always skip them if I have something else better to do.

We went to some Taoist temple called Fung Ying Seen Koon (very cryptic name if you ask me) in the blistering heat. I have never fully explored a Taoist temple even though my family belongs to the religion. Wonder who does that (except tourists). Usually people just enter, pray a bit, get some fortune read, and then exit. There was someone who would interpret our "qian" for free as well. I refused to get my fortune read. Because if it sucked, I would feel down. If it was a "shang shang qian" or some kind of good fortune, I wouldn't believe it. So far the ones I know who got their fortunes read seem to be in some state of perplexity. "Heaven's secrets cannot be revealed" - ignorance is bliss.


Then we went to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. My friend describes it as three levels of boredom. Not exactly what I feel. Some of the exhibits were quite interesting because their themes were rather contemporary. There was an entire exhibition with a shopping theme (one exhibit was a shelf of products like those in a mall - liddat oso art meh) - food and beverage, leisure and entertainment, etc. The other exhibitions were mostly Chinese heritage stuff - which was boring.

The coaches then brought us to New Town Plaza at Shatin. That's where we'd been hanging out the past week so we decided to explore Fo Tan for food, which was one station away. Upon exiting the station, almost everyone began to look as gloomy as the locals in Fo Tan. Here the streets were not filled with cars like the popular shopping streets. You had to watch for crazy taxi drivers crossing streets in Tsim Sha Tsui but you can probably lie down on the road for some time in that area of Fo Tan.

I noticed something really hilarious when I was walking behind the group. The girls were literally turning heads. It was damn obvious how all the uncles and young men alike turned to stare at the same time as they walked past us. They didn't even try to be discreet. Wow. Must be tough being eye candy. There certainly is a lack of that around Fo Tan though.

The buildings looked old and the people we saw were mostly middle-aged. What a stark contrast to the busy and crowded shopping districts, the immaculate and air-conditioned shopping malls we've been to so far. To put it simply, the place seems quite dead. But this is probably the "heartlands" of Hong Kong. Like some of the old decrepit HDB estates in Singapore. My grandparents' previous apartment comes to mind but that was a decade ago. Which estate is the oldest now? Potong Pasir? Must be if everyone says they need the upgrading.

We had a not so delicious "zhi cha" meal at some deserted hawker centre like place. Lots of tables and chairs, a few people touting, but hardly anyone there except us. Business only began to pick up as we finished our food.

Sunday's just shopping around at Tsim Sha Tsui. Very very boring. I saw Porsches, a Mini Cooper and a Ferrari on the street though. Knn. Hao lian. Only managed to get a picture of the Ferrari because it was parked.

park there long enough and it will get stolen

Friday, June 23, 2006

bad luck

It's been forever since I last fell sick that I wonder how I suddenly had a fever yesterday. I started feeling cold in the middle of my Chinese Philosophical Thought lesson and soon became totally debilitated - had to stay in bed while everyone went out to Central.

It is such an irony. A couple of my friends just fell sick two days ago and I ruled out the steamboat dinner we shared on Tuesday as the cause. 2 out of the 4 present were fine. Now that I am also sick only 1 is left. I have a feeling it's the oysters we ordered.

I didn't feel well enough to go on the Shenzhen trip this morning either. Sucks being left out. Everyone speaks of Shenzhen like some shopping heaven (for fakes). Apparently that's where a lot of the locals do their shopping too. Never mind, I still have 5 weeks left to get there.

Anyway, I think it won't be too long before I get sian here. Just like the slogans of those HK tourism ads - 买东西,吃东西 (buy stuff, eat stuff), these seem to be the only things one can do here. Lest I get bored, I've started downloading stuff from btchina at incredible speeds. China's population of Bittorrent users are all closer to me now so I can leech at higher speeds. Yay.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

more rants

Lessons have started. I am taking International Finance and Mainstream Chinese Philosophical Thought (what a mouthful). The finance class was held similar to the NTU seminar style. Anyway, I think my finance professor taught in Harvard. And apparently she knows the Dean of SMU's Business School. Cool. Did I mention that there's this cute Canadian Asian with uber huge eyes in the class? Power. She can compete with Hamasaki Ayumi for the biggest eyes relative to face size.

Mainstream Chinese Philosophical Thought was interesting for the first part about the contrast between Western and Chinese philosophy. How Chinese philosophy has no transcendental beings or ideas as compared to Western's Christian God or the Platonic ideals. Then she got to the Chinese history part about Zhou Dynasty and I dozed off.

Anyway, it's a pretty cool mix of people around here. Despite being from the smallest country (in land area), the Singaporean contingent is the largest at 30+ or 40+ people. Must be the tution waiver. There are groups of Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Australians and Taiwanese as well while I've met a Mexican, a Swede and a Korean. I think the TV lounge will get quite interesting if there's a World Cup match between the countries of some people here.

I feel kind of out of place being here. Well, as a product of the Singaporean education system, I am supposed to be bilingual. But if I start sounding too Singaporean the ang-mos would fail to understand what I say. Yah I can try to speak to them with a slang and though it works better it feels so unnatural. As for the Hong Kongers, I don't understand Cantonese so I get totally stunned when the sales people can't speak Mandarin or English.

Really can't help but feel like being I'm neither here nor there. Like a Jack of all trades but a master of none. Never mind, there will come a time when Singlish will conquer the world. Then the world will become a better place.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Have been travelling around the Kowloon area the past 2 days. There was an organised tour to Repulse Bay, Stanley Market and Victoria Peak on Saturday. Repulse Bay seems like a pretty popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Everyone was just suntanning on the beach. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any beach games being played. We didn't have enough time to do anything useful here anyway.

Stanley Market seems to sell only Chinesey wares that gwai-los or our ang-mos would buy. They would buy anything Oriental looking that we probably would not use in real life. The selection of clothes is rather horrible in my opinion.

The view from the Peak was excellent. Though like my friend said, it would be even better if we went there at night instead. The city lights would make excellent photographs.

We went to some club called Edge in Lan Gwai Fong after the welcoming dinner. Lan Gwai Fong is filled with clubs, pubs and the likes. Just like our Mhd Sultan Road. Only bigger and with inclined streets. So you sweat before you even start dancing. As you walk up the street, the crowd, the incline upwards and the bright neon lights on both sides of the narrow street make the place look really cool. Didn't bring a camera though. Hopefully someone else had gotten a picture.

Mong Kok was our destination for Sunday. It's one huge shopping district. I had no idea where I was at any point in time. Good thing one of us is damn good at topo. I see some of the same shops a couple of times so we must have done a couple of rounds around the area. Lots of shopping though. And it's damn fricking crowded. Not my kind of place. I might be back to buy some stuff but I would definitely do that on a weekday instead.

The lessons are starting but no one seems to give a damn. Well, we really only need a pass anyway. This is summer studies thing is like an incredibly huge excuse to fool around in Hong Kong for 6 weeks. I'd better conserve my money to last till the end.

Friday, June 16, 2006

First day in CUHK

I took the 6.40 am flight to Hong Kong this morning. Since I didn't sleep last night I was practically a zombie throughout the day. The intermittent sleep I got during the 3 hour plus plane right wasn't enough at all. Lesson learnt.

Anyway, it's fugging hot here in Hong Kong. Not sure about the exact temperature but it certainly felt warmer than Singapore. Somehow it feels even hotter than my room, which is pretty much a sauna in its own right.

We toured the campus for a bit with a couple of CUHK female students leading us to the canteens, barber, bank, supermarket, etc. Places essential to our survival. Oh, by the way, for some reason toilet rolls didn't seem provided for in our toilets. The supermarket sells a large pack of 10 toilet rolls at 20 HKD or so (around 4bucks) - which is crazy compared to the bloody few cents kind we can get in our beloved SAF eMart. Now I believe that's how the supermarket intends to stay afloat - sell toilet paper.

view from my hostel window

My hostel room has a wonderful view. Actually, anywhere you look here in this part of HK seems to have a wonderful view. It's all gotta do with the mountainous terrain here. Turn somewhere and you either see a cliff/slope facing you or you are standing on one. If you think NTU or NUS has horrible slopes, come here man. If I stayed here for a semester and just walk to classes I think I can get Gold for IPPT.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Real Tekken!

Click play to watch cool martial arts that you'd never be able to perform!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

short update

It seems like my updates are getting shorter and more infrequent. Damn I knew this thing won't last.

Anyway, I was away for my very first in camp training last week (which was slack, to say the least) and attended Don's ROM with the entire platoon on Sunday. That was my first time there. And it's just like in the Ch 8 drama serials with everyone packed in the small room while the couple sits in front of the some marriage registrar or something. I wonder who will be next to invite me haha.

By the way, I would be leaving for Hong Kong this Friday morn. And I am still pretty much not packed for the trip yet. With my almost non-existent command of Cantonese I can expect myself to "loogi" when I try to buy anything. At least that is what somone told me. Apparently if you speak anything other than HK's Cantonese you will kena "chopped" by the experienced sellers. Not even Malaysian's Cantonese (like I can tell the difference) will do. I think I'd just say "tai guai la" (too expensive) whenever they quote a price. We'll see.

P.S. if anyone has a video camera can sms me? I'd only need it for Thursday.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bounce back to life

I think all Singaporeans have seen Mr. Kiasu in some form or another - either the comic book or the (horrible) sitcom. I used to be a huge fan of all the Mr. Kiasu comic books. There were a bunch of other comic books by the same publisher and probably drawn by the same author. A memorable one involved a pair of feline detectives, one fat, one thin but both wacky as hell. But I can't find my collection of those comic books any more. It must have got lost while I was moving around or my mum must have given them away to my cousins, presuming that I won't need them any more. But it has got so much sentimental value man...

I was reminded of it when I came across this webcomic called Bounce Back To Life. You must check out the author's parody of Star Wars. Absolutely hilarious lol! I haven't seen any comics with such a distinctly Singaporean flavour since Kiasu. It's not just the omnipresent use of Singlish, but somehow it aptly illustrates a slice of Singaporean life. This is very different from the ones in ST's Life. Those may be interesting at times but more often than not they just involve corny puns.

Anyway, here's another artistically talented blogger. Not comics though.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello 3 Hour Commute Time

Basket... I just got notice that my application to stay in hall has failed. Cut-off was 87.1 points for the guys and 66 for the girls. Missed it by a staggering 14 points. And I thought they were converting some male dorms to female ones - guess demand doesn't meet supply for them. :/

Unless some people decide not to stay and leave a bunch of vacancies, I'm going to have to spend 3 hours plus in total to commute to and from NTU each day I go to school. Not exactly too bad a thing, I guess. Now I can spend 3 hours extra bioing chiobus each day on the train/bus.

No, I'm kidding. I hate commuting because (1) it's so unproductive and (2) I always, invariably doze off. That's just an awful waste of time. I will probably take the train all the way to Marina Bay if I'm too shagged. Then I'd have to take it all the way back to Ang Mo Kio again.

Now if only I can get my laptop battery to tahan for longer than 3 hours and some WiFi internet access in MRTs...

Curse you all 87.1+ pointers!

Those with exactly 87 points must be banging their balls now ahaha

Friday, May 26, 2006

Time is such an amazing phenomenon. It is unstable – at times unbearably slow, yet at times passes at the blink of an eye. It is almost like some sort of unrequited love – intangible, unforgiving, moves only in a single direction and you don't really know why it keeps on going.

Time takes away possibilities and confers wisdom as it goes by. Our potential narrows as we get older and we lament our want of choices. At the same time, though, we also gain the wisdom of experience.

Time is hard to grasp. What is ten years compared to eleven years? I don't believe I can fully appreciate that difference of a year unless I'm in it right now.

Yet time is, in my opinion, the most precious possession (if it can be called that) we can ever have, especially in our youth. The time we have now is more precious because we have a lot more opportunities where we are not burdened by a failing physical body nor a failing intellect. Besides, there is no telling when tomorrow will cease to be.

So why do so many of us go off in pursuit of more wealth than we might ever need, and then some more? Greed? A more comfortable retirement life? Hunger for power?

Young, professional “career ladder climbers” compete and spend much of their youth advancing their careers. In the end, only a handful rises above all the other CEO hopefuls. I'm not working yet, so I have hardly any experience on this. However, from what I have heard about fresh accountancy graduates slogging in auditing firms, they have hardly any leisure time. Even Sundays are lost during busy periods. Unless one is lucky, inordinate remuneration obviously requires inordinate effort (and the corresponding time).

Is it worth it? Is our youth really worth trading for money and a comfortable lifestyle in our old age? I wished I knew the answer. Then I would have a stronger conviction about my choice of study and the corresponding choice of career. I wished I will be doing something I would love to do, something I would never think of as work, like design, or maybe advertising, for example.

But I know that if I fail, I might not be the only one that suffers. My upbringing obligates me to fulfill my familial duty. I am not complaining since these values have become part and parcel of who I am and I suppose, most of us as well. How can I risk it all if it is not just myself that is at stake?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Before the holidays I told myself I was going to be more productive and would therefore actually do something useful during this vacation. In fact, I made a list of the things I wanted to do (well, at that point in time). For some reason I have yet to do any of them.

It seems that right now, I don't have the motivation for anything. Oblivion is the only exception. But something within tells me I should give Oblivion a break. I'm not going to gain much other than the entertainment value.

I wonder why I don't feel like doing anything right now. Following a To-do list feels like making a decision at every stage. Should I decide to spend my time on task A or B? Does it take too long to complete? How much effort must I put in to finish it? Can I postpone it? I ask so many questions I must spend more time thinking about what to do than the actual doing. Come to think of it, this entire post is itself an example.

Of course, the tasks usually fail the criteria. If I can postpone it, I will. If I have to put in a lot of effort or spend a lot of time on it, I will do it later. If benefits and goals are too long-term I will probably forget about it.

Heck, I can't remember all of the seven deadly sins but I can definitely remember Sloth. That's where I'm the weakest.

Now, any ideas how not to be lazy?

Monday, May 15, 2006


This guy is so talented.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Wait five more years

Damn. Why did WP lose in Aljunied? If they had won it would have been a sign of change in Singapore. Opposition captures GRC and the floodgates are opened. Perhaps the media would lan lan have to have a more balanced view. Or perhaps more candidates will start joining the Opposition.

My area Serangoon Garden used to be in Marine Parade GRC. Maybe they decided to put us in Aljunied because they planted a few more trees here, spruced it up a bit and repaved the Circus so can increase votes in PAP's weak area. Or from some rumours I heard, maybe because there are many civil servants staying around this area or something. What the heck. As long as they don't split up Aljunied like they split up Cheng San after 1997. Then five years later there might finally be a win in a GRC for WP.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Le Petit Prince

I must be living under a rock because I have only just discovered this amazing book. It was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and has sold millions of copies. It is originally French but it has been translated into many other languages since it was published in 1943.

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet and its lack of governance... this book is effectively free for consumption. Hurray.

Well, this book is like a "Guide to Life, Relationships and Almost Everything Else" under the disguise of a children's book. There are so many meaningful messages the author sends across in each chapter that it's really amazing how he put all that into a book with less than a hundred pages.

Here is one very interesting quote from the book:

It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.

Essentially, the amount of time we spent on our relationships or perhaps, anything in particular, are what makes them so important to us. How true. Why do we seek our long lost friends or childhood sweethearts? These friends are of no immediate relevance to our current stage in life, but because they have shared so much of our past with us, they are still very special in our eyes.

But then again, if what makes them special is the amount of time we have spent with them then it doesn't really matter who they are, does it? The reason why anyone is more than a stranger seems to be just because we happened to meet them at some point in our lives and decided to spend more time with them.

How did we decide? Perhaps they had the same interests. Perhaps they were the only ones around. It seems to sound a little depressing but it makes sense because we don't know people until we meet them, talk to them and find out their thoughts etc. Their characters apparently have no bearing on why we started to know them in the first place. Who they are underneath though, will perhaps determine how special they can get.

There are 6 billion people in this world and chances are, you won't get to meet everyone. So personally I am starting to believe that in life, God/Fate/Luck/Probability brings you this particular bunch of people who are your potential friends/spouse/whatever. Then it is up to us to choose which one to go along with. (Come to think of it, I find this an eerie similarity to those Jap dating simulation games)

What does this all mean?

I knew you all because God/Fate/Luck/Probability gave me the candidates. Then I anyhow voted. Mwahahahaha...

Friday, April 28, 2006

now I hate Accounting II

The exams are over! Well, I still have one more but I have already S/Ued it so I'm gonna forget about it for now.

I can't help but feel that the someone up above is playing a fool with me the past week. On Monday I got the email from the IRO that I was rejected for the Summer Studies thing. I had kind of expected that coming because I had not heard from them since I sent in my application. So, I wasn't that disappointed.

Then they called me up on Tuesday saying that there was a vacancy! I thought Eddie would be ahead of me in the waiting list since he had a higher GPA. I accepted their offer immediately and called him to check with him. Turns out he didn't get to go. What a pity. Must be his recommendation form. Now I get to go Hong Kong. Alone.

Anyway I had to finish up all the online applications that day even though I had a bloody IT paper the following day. What the heck, going overseas is more important man!

So it was settled and I was content. I readied for intensive mugging for Accounting II. Then the IRO sent me some email informing me I had to hand in some other documents as well. For some time there I was really afraid I won't get to go because of that. I guess it's all the exam stress that's causing me paranoia.

The past two days I really mugged like I have never mugged before... It was probably the first time I've managed to keep my concentration for so long. Usually I would start surfing stupid websites or play stupid games after 45 mins of studying. But for the two days, I was truly one with Hansen and Mowen. Well, the fact that I hardly studied it during the entire exam period was also a major contributing factor. Surprisingly, I felt well-prepared at the end.

At about an hour before the paper, I received a message from my groupmate about our Accounting II project that he had just went to retrieve. fuck. C+. My mind just turned blank and I was stunned for a long time. I was hoping he was joking but something also told me he wasn't. I went into the exam hall still feeling stunned. The main paper was too unbalanced by the way. The calculations were too damn easy and the writing portion took up a large portion. Everyone scores on the calculations while I would be stuck in the rut with my less than stellar writing ability and poor handwriting. Add this together with the C+ for the project? Sigh.

Now I know there will be a lot of people who would probably think I am overreacting. I don't know, maybe I am. But it is like 20% down the drain. Moreover, I knew about it just an hour before the exam itself. I couldn't imagine how much more I needed to catch up in the main paper. I can't be blamed for still being shocked.

It is also because I seriously cannot believe that all the bloody effort we put into it was just worth a mere C+, or 2.5 on a scale of 5. That's just passing man. No offense but it's usually a grade for people who don't understand what they are doing. After reading through the comments by the grader, it almost seemed like we deserved it. Now I dislike whoever graded it. By the way, the grader also commented on poor English on our part. WTF. Ok, there were one or two sentences we overlooked during editing but that's a couple of sentences out of the entire report! And how dare the grader deem "and rightly so" as bad English? Just google for it. It shouldn't be that bad if google can find 2,640,000 search results for it. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think the most pedantic English teacher will call that grammatically incorrect.

Also I don't think we were any worse in our understanding of the materials. Our biggest mistake was that we were handicapped by the lack of certain information about the company we worked on. I still think we deserve a B at the least - and rightly so.

Sorry for the long rant. If you stuck it through, good for you. You will make a good listener. And maybe everyone will start complaining to you because you will listen. Or at least they think so.

I'm trying hard to figure which of the following is worse:
When you didn't try for something or when you tried but didn't get it?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

more lame shit

Today's such a bad day.

The people at the International Relations Office suddenly became very vague about the criteria for the HK summer studies program. They stated in the email that it was based on first-come-first-serve basis and if there are excess applicants, it would be based on academic merit. On second thought, I realised that these two can't co-exist. If there are excess applicants, would it be first-come-first-serve or academic merit?

That's the problem now. I've heard that there is overwhelming demand for these vacancies and that they were going to stick to first-come-first-serve. That would be horrible. I had an Econs paper in the morning and there was no way in hell I could be one of the first 15 to submit my documents. Besides, they stated they would use academic merit.

Damn, there goes my chance of going Hong Kong for my vacation. They'd better use academic merit or the strength of the recommendation form as criteria or I'd be quite pissed.

Speaking about Econs, I couldn't finish a 12 mark question. Everyone else seemed to be able to. I have doubts about my answer for the first question too. Sigh, there goes all hopes of an A. 2 papers down and still 4 more to go. It'd be at least 3 weeks before I get to taste freedom.

But life is still good, because I have all these lame videos to cheer me up.
Enjoy! (in order of hilarity)

Korean Clock Lady

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Some people have too much money

And I want to be one of them.

Look at this crazy DELL PC (link and pic from engadget).

This thing costs a f***ing US$10,000!

It has FOUR, yes, FOUR graphics cards. WTF? I'd be happy if I get one of the four they have inside. They total up to 2 gigs of RAM just on the card. I don't even have 1 gig of RAM in my entire system.

And it even has a physics accelerator. First time I've heard of it.

Well I thought it might make this PC transform into some robot and defy the laws of physics by flying around or something. But it only accelerates the physics calculation in 3D games.

It has a 30" widescreen monitor too... Sigh...

Gotta go clean up my drool now.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

The Fortune-telling Media Player

I was surfing through some blogs and I came across this very interesting meme. I never knew the mp3 player software sitting on my desktop can be an advanced version of a magic 8-ball!
Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.
Just couldn't resist so here's mine:

How does the world see me?
吃你煮的鱼 by 南拳妈妈
Huh? This doesn't make a lot of sense. I want to eat the fish everyone cooks? The world wants to eat the fish I cook?

Will I have a happy life?
That I Would Be Good by Alanis Morrisette
"That I would be good even if I lost sanity/That I would be good/Whether with or without you" Sounds like a life of happiness with some self-deception :)

What do my friends really think of me?
流浪地图 by 孙燕姿
Somone enlighten me.

Do people secretly lust after me?
Good People by Jack Johnson
"Where'd all the good people go?" I guess that's a no.

How can I make myself happy?
My Girl by Temptations
Ah... finally something that makes perfect logical sense as an answer. But I have no girl.

What should I do with my life?
Big Big World by Emillia
I should spend the rest of my life checking out the big big world out there.

Will I ever have children?
Milk And Toast And Honey by Roxette
I usually skip breakfast so this gotta be for my future kids.

What is some good advice for me?
40 Kinds Of Sadness by Ryan Cabrera
Who would advise someone to get depressed?

How will I be remembered?
Beauty And The Beast by Celine Dion with Peabo Bryson
The inherent randomness in this game is mocking me.

What is my signature dancing song?
Collide by Howie Day
How true, I'd probably collide into someone during the dance.

What do I think my current theme song is?
飘移(头文字 D 主题曲) by 周杰伦
This song actually doesn't make much sense. Or I can't make much sense of it because it's all mumbling. So... my life doesn't make sense?

What song will play at my funeral?
Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader
I'd be back to haunt people by dancing on top of my grave in the middle of the night.

What type of men/women do I like?
Men: My Favorite Game by The Cardigans
Err.. It's kind of true I got to know a lot of my friends through the games we play. But the lyrics speak a totally different story lol.
Women: One Last Breath by Creed
Yup, I only like women with one last breath left in them. Then we can go dance on top her grave in the moonlight.

What is my day going to be like?
Take Me Away by Lifehouse
Will I get kidnapped or something?

Lousy answers... I'm gonna change my media player software.

By the way, has anyone seen this? Bunch of stupid Singaporeans climbing up some obscure mountain in Japan to look for legendary Karate master and hermit...

"My sons, you must climb up the Ee-wa-ki Sua in Jit Pun and seek out my old Shifu Mr Miyagi. He will teach you the Jue Shi Wu Gong™ of our Ee-wa-ki Karate Style. Then you will be the Wu Ling Meng Zhu and lead a rebellion to defeat the PAP in the upcoming elections" *
coughs* *dies*

Sunday, April 2, 2006

The beautiful game

I love this commercial. It just makes basketball way cooler with its slow-motion shots and music. Simply beautiful.

I don't know if you caught this guy's description of the NUS forum on politics (It was tomorrow-ed). But if you haven't, it is a good read. For those who are turned off by SM Goh's blatant use of the HDB upgrading programme as threat, here's a link to a petition.

It's less than a fortnight to the exams but rather than thinking about the exams, I'm thinking about what to do after the exams... Anyway, it's really high time to chao mug liao. I hope I make better use of the time available this time round.

So... good luck and best wishes to all preparing for your exams!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How much time do I have?

There have been a couple of very shocking news recently.

The Nanyang Chronicle(not updated), reported a student who peeped in the female toilet and got caught when the er.. peepee (the one who suay suay kena peeped at) alerted the campus security and found the peeping tom in some CCTV footage. Apparently, this guy holds an important leadership position in the university. I've heard unconfirmed rumours and everyone seems to know who he is but I humji so I won't be revealing anything more than that. Anyway, he has sinced stepped down and was also evicted. How in the world did someone with such values hold an important leadership position like that? And for someone in such a position, why would he be so dumb to go peeping around in the female toilet? Check your hormones man.

There's a worse unconfirmed rumour going around that sounds too scary to be true, and if it was, seems to question the state of campus security. It's most probably a false rumour but still, it is good to take extra precaution. Just don't go jogging alone in the middle of the night.

Then there's the passing of Colonel Bernard Tan. Shocking not because I was close to him. I'm not his immediate subordinate. But I seem to recall that he gave a number of speeches during some brigade and battalion events, and that we were on the same boat all the way back in Brunei during the 3rd Guards training frame. I think he wanted to inspect his men around the river area and so he was on my boss' boat.

That was the first time I saw him and my first impression was that he looks too damn young for a colonel. He must have been some high-flyer. Then I heard the news and the shock was that this guy was only 39. And the fact that he was afterall, someone from Bedok Camp II as well makes it all the more relevant. Besides, sudden collapse and death was not like an accident where there seemed to be something to blame.

How do we know the same thing won't happen to us? This reminded me of someone from SI who was even younger and probably healthier but passed away suddenly too. Youth does not grant any form of immunity. If anything, it probably serves as a false sense of security. I'm young, so I won't die yet. I don't expect myself to die yet.

How do we know how much time we have left? You have all these things that you want to do and fulfill but then you get shortchanged and it's over in an instant. I wish I could say I try to live my life to the fullest but that is so not true. I am cowardly most of the time, never daring to try something new or radical, and staying in my comfort zone. Is that how it should be? Will I be glad with what I had when I kena shortchanged?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Miscellaneous Rant

Hmm, I think I'm pretty lame. I have just realised that my recent posts involve chiobus or sex in some way or another. Damn.

Anyway, I was over in NUS on Friday to play some basketball with Cheng Guan et al. They arranged it at 2pm so I decided to meet with him for some lunch before playing. It was my third time over at NUS and I was not very familiar with that place. However, I do know where the Central Library was so I SMSed him and planned to wait for him there. I didn't really know where the actual library was so I just sat on the steps around this huge atrium that had a bookstore and a lift nearby.

The lift must be the access to the library because there was a constant flow of people walking past the atrium to the lift. Of course, there were some pretty girls around. But the most amazing thing was that there was like, at least one chiobu in the atrium at any one time!! For the entire 45 mins I was there people-watching! (because dear Cheng Guan decided to fly aeroplane).

That outright defies the LCD (Law of Chiobu Distribution) man!! I don't see anything like that near the Lee Wee Nam Library! This is outrageous! NUS is hoarding all the pretty undergraduates! I think I must complain and send an email to all the students in NTU like the Malaysian student who complained about the NTU lecturers' standards of English.

Speaking of which, the standards of English for a minority of our professors are, admittedly, not very comprehensible but they are no doubt, fugging smart people. So why doesn't he just ask them and clarify what he doesn't understand? Rather than complaining with his email, he can put it to better use by emailing his lecturer or tutor his queries.

But then again, I am in no position to say much because so far, my lecturers and tutors have still been comprehensible even if a number may not be Singaporean. I have yet to have any difficulties communicating with them except for one. But I will not reveal who he is. *COUGH*ECONS*COUGH* Even if a lecturer was Singaporean it doesn't mean that he/she would be easy to understand though. My business law lecturer comes to mind. He has perfectly good English, but his convoluted, jargon-filled sentences are really hard to understand at times (because law-trained mah) .

Despite all that, I think the Malaysian student's proactiveness is admirable. I am ashamed to say I probably would not have done the same thing even if it really concerned me. I would probably just grumble and let it pass, let alone speak up and try to organise some form of protest against it.

On a side note, I found some lameass flash game again in a bid to irritate those who are busy and to bring cheap thrills to those who are either too free or bloody slackers. This is called Don't Shoot the Puppy. Yeah, just do exactly that. Patience and tolerance is the key, my young padawans.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I ran

It sure feels great to go running every once in a while. It's been a loooong while though... I can almost feel my body gradually breaking down as I've been sleeping 4-6 hours a day and spending the rest of the time sitting either in class or in front of a computer. And half the time I'm doing something useless - like playing this weird flash game for example.

The aim of the game is to crash your bike into some guy so that he flies off (anime style) as far as possible. Furthest I reached was 5245m with some luck. Funny how one can get addicted to playing seemingly pointless games that doesn't depend on skill.

Ok, I've wandered off. Back to the topic on running. Except for the general (for the lack of a better word)"wetness", the very horrible near-asthmatic attack once you stop and the fatigue that hits you a while after you rest, it's actually pretty fun.

It's like when you ride a bicycle while admiring the scenery, or when you drive a car around while "eating air". Only difference is that there's no bike or car and it is a hell of a lot more tiring. And you are literally eating air all the time...

But they are similar in that they wouldn't be fun without something to see along the way. The things I usually notice are - chiobus, nice houses, people walking their pets, chiobus, coffeeshops, zhnged cars, other joggers, did I mention chiobus?

I cannot speak for everyone but it seems like there's always two big hurdles to overcome for the not so motivated runner.
The first is actually getting started with running. I kind of fall into this category so I can't help anyone with that.
The second is the lack of motivation during the run. Some people for example, need to run together with someone else. Running solo will probably result them in giving up after the 634,461th centimetre.

I think whatever a jogger sees or doesn't see along the running route can and should be used as motivation. So with that I have created some motivational tips. During the run, just think-

  1. "I must run faster than this jogger" for the competitive ones
  2. "I must run faster so that I'm safe from this guy's pitbull" for the kiasee ones
  3. "I must run faster to impress this chiobu" for the 'macho' ones (the horny ones may actually slow down to "observe" longer)
  4. "I must run faster" for the simple-minded/self-motivated ones
  5. "Zhnged car? Show off ar?! See who's faster!" for the jealous ones
  6. "Chiobus? There's a whole bunch of them just a little further down. Keep running." for the ones good at self-delusion
  7. "Where's the nearest toilet?" for the ones who cannot hold it much longer

Some may not apply to your running route. Then change it in a way such that they can be used, especially numbers 3 and 6 as I find that they are the most effective ones.

P.S. "chiobus" can be switched with "hunks" depending on your gender preference
P.S.2 Underworld: Evolution is extremely lame by the way
P.S.3 isn't coming out any time soon... why?!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Despite my mounting workload due to nearing project deadlines, I have recently been wasting precious time fiddling with blog design and all those CSS stuff. Well, being an inexperienced web designer, I kinda failed miserably. The last time I played with webpages, CSS wasn't even around yet, just plain old HTML, tables and frames. My biggest problem is that changing something to fit in Firefox always results in something going wrong in Internet Explorer and vice versa. Moreover, IE can't even display transparent .PNG files properly (test your browser).

Therefore, I decided to just use the templates available from Now I can't be bothered to customise this blog anymore, at least not for the time being.

Meanwhile, for those who are still using IE, I really suggest switching to Firefox man. I really can't do without extensions like Foxmarks (which synchronises bookmarks across my desktop and laptop), Paste and Go and Tab Mix Plus.

But all that can't compare to Firefox's status as the best porn browser.

And the bondage duckie agrees that it is so!! It's vibrating in ecstasy agreement!

Sorry... recent lack of sleep and the approaching project deadlines are screwing with my usually pure and uncontaminated mind.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ultimate Utopia XXIII

This following video is a must see for anyone who has played some form of Final Fantasy rpg. Got it from this blog (it is a huge mess but nonetheless funny)

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I was just lazing around in my hostel room so I decided to complete this long list that Eng Kiat has tagged me with. This is really proof of how free an NTU accountancy undergraduate is - at least for the first year or so :).

Rules: Bold the following that are true about you, italicize things you wish were true, add one true thing about you, and then tag five more people.

I miss somebody right now.
I don't watch much TV these days.
I love olives.
I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.
I love to play video games.
I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies.
I have been in a threesome. <- Yah pls jio me but must be 2 females n me lol I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.
I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.
I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
I'm TOTALLY smart.
I've broken someone's bones.
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal.<- who doesn't?
I hate the rain.
I'm paranoid at times.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
I need money right now.
I love sushi.
I talk really, really fast.
I have fresh breath in the morning.
I have long hair.
I have lost money in Las Vegas.
I have at least one sibling.
I was born in a country outside of the U.S.
I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
I couldn't survive without Caller I.D.
I like the way that I look.
I have lied to a good friend in the last 6 months.
I know how to cornrow.
I am usually pessimistic.
I have a lot of mood swings.
I think prostitution should be legalized.
I think Britney Spears is pretty.
Slept with a Suitemate.
I have a hidden talent.
I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar I have.
I have a lot of friends.
I am currently single.
I have pecked someone of the same sex. <- don't ask, it's a horrible memory
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
I love to shop.
I enjoy window shopping.
I would rather shop than eat.
I would classify myself as ghetto.
I'm bourgie and have worn a sweater tied around my shoulders.
I'm obsessed with my Xanga or Livejournal.
I don't hate anyone.
I dislike them.
I'm a pretty good dancer.
I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
I have a cell phone.
I believe in (a) God.
I watch MTV on a daily basis.
I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
I've rejected someone before.
I currently like someone.
I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
I want to have children in the future.
I have changed a diaper before.
I've called the cops on a friend before.
I am a member of the Tom Green fan club.
I'm not allergic to anything.
I have a lot to learn.
I have been with someone at least 10 years older or younger.
I am shy around the opposite sex. <- not just opp sex, actually
I'm online 24/7, even as an away message.
I have tried alcohol or drugs before.
I have made a move on a friend's significant other or crush in the past.
I own the "South Park" movie.
I have avoided assignments at work/school to be on Xanga or Livejournal.
When I was a kid I played "the birds and the bees" with a neighbour or chum.
I enjoy some country music.
I would die for my best friends.
I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
I watch soap operas whenever I can.
I'm obsessive, and often a perfectionist.
I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
I know all the words to Slick Rick's "Children's Story".
Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it.
I have dated a close friend's ex.
I like surveys/memes.
I am happy at this moment.
I'm obsessed with guys.
Democrat.Conservative Republican.
I am punk rockish.
I am preppy.
I go for older guys/girls, not younger.
I study for tests most of the time.
I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I've ever met.
I can work on a car.
I love my job.
I am comfortable with who I am right now.
I have more than just my ears pierced.
I walk barefoot wherever I can.
I have jumped off a bridge.
I love sea turtles.
I spend ridiculous amounts of money on makeup.
I believe in prophetic dreams.
Plan on achieving a major goal/dream.
I'm proficient on a musical instrument.
I worked at McDonald's restaurant.
I hate office jobs.
I love sci-fi movies.
I think water rules.
I went to college out of state.
I am adopted.
I like sausage.
I am a pyro.
I love the Red Sox.
I have thrown up from crying too much. (or the other way round)
I have been intentionally hurt by people that I loved.
I love kisses.
I fall for the worst people.
I adore bright colors.
I love Dear Abby.
I can't live without black eyeliner.
I think school is awesome.
I think pigtails serve a purpose.
I don't know why the hell I just did this stupid thing.
I usually like covers better than originals.
I don't like multi-textured ice cream.
I think John Cusack is adorable.
I f**king hate chain theme restaurants like Applebees and TGIFridays
I watch Food Network way too much.
I love coaching youth sports.
I can pick up things with my toes.
I can't whistle.
I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snakes slither. <- Huh? I have ridden/owned a horse.
I still have every journal I've ever written in.
I can't stick to a diet.
I talk in my sleep.
I've often thought that I was born in the wrong century.
I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.
Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
I have jazz in my blood.
I would not be friends if they weren't family.
I wear a toe ring.
I have a tattoo.
I love vaginas.
I can't stand at LEAST one person that I work with.
I am a caffeine junkie.
I know who Santos L. Halper is.
I read trashy romance novels and I am ashamed.
I love wrestling.
I am completely tree-huggy spiritual, and I'm not ashamed at all.
If I knew I would get away with it, I would commit at least one murder.
I cosplay or know what cosplaying is. <- I only know what it is :)
I have been to over 15 conventions.
I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical, the better.
I enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner.
I'm an artist.
I have a goal to collect every Johnny Depp movie ever made.
I have an unhealthy Taco Bell obsession.
I have had a crush on a cartoon character when I was a kid.
I have spent more on anime and manga than many spend on computers or other high end products.
I only clean my room when neccesary.
Weight is my enemy!
I'm a serious chocoholic.
I absolutely adore animals.
I love surprises.
I love to be seen.
I often act without feeling for people.
I like arguing for the sake of arguing.

Tag 5 more people:


Haha among them only 3 have personal blogs. Eng Kiat has tagged everyone else already :p

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

I found something quite funny about my business law tutorial last week. Now, the topic of discussion was about contract law and the particular question was on parents complaining about the fact that minors are allowed to purchase phones and sign contracts without their knowledge.

It was a letter to the Straits Times Forum all the way back in 1998 and the parent believed that the contracts should be illegal. Nothing wrong with that (since sometimes minors may not do things in their best interests), except that one point she stated was about some minors who were called up by secret societies to join fights. Obviously, the parents are worried about their kids joining fights and all that. But if the Sar Lak Gao (369) decides to phone the child to join a fight, then chances are that he/she must already be in it. Even if the child has no handphone, the "big boss" will definitely find some way or another to make the required headcount. And so what if he/she misses the fight? The bigger problem is that the child is in a bloody gang.

But kudos to the team that presented this topic- They really made my day when they suggested that the service providers sell phone numbers to the secret societies. And they were not even joking LOL. It was kind of weird that no one seemed to find this suggestion so unreasonable it was amusing.
I apologise for my screwed up sense of humour, but I had this conversation playing in my head then:

"Eh, hallo? Singtel isit?"

"Yes. How may I help you, sir?"

"Aar.. I am Dai Gor Dai from er... Tree Six Nine. You got sells the handphone numbers right?"

"Yes, sir. I see we have your records - I see you want us to provide you with the numbers from the categories:'big', 'aggressive' and 'high fighting ability' for recuitment purposes?"

"Yes yes... aggressive is simi sai? I dunch understand lar but ar... give me all the number for the big big size people. They must be able to fight one har... I dun wan the humji ones"

"Sure, that will be $10 a number, sir. We will fax them to you shortly."

"Good.. kaninah your service very good leh"

"Thank you for your compliment, we look forward to doing more business with you, Mr Dai"

But seriously, I wonder what the telcos, or any other company for that matter, do with our numbers and information stored in their database.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

How can we never have regrets?

It happened out of the blue.

He had looked healthy enough just a little while back. If he was already suffering then, we would not have known because he looked every way he was before, only a little older.

Then he left us in his sleep.

I did not feel much pain at receiving the news. I was sad, but only for my father, uncles and aunties who had lost their only surviving parent. Yet the man himself seemed so remote to me, and this was someone with whom I had lived together for a period, someone who had carried me in his arms before and watched me grow up. And for that, I am very angry with myself. Perhaps I should have tried harder to understand him, because whatever little I knew about him I had learned from someone else.

All I know is that he was the man who left Malaysia for Singapore with his wife and a few kids in tow. He who was intelligent yet lost so much to his addiction to gambling. He who had once escaped death by a miracle decades ago. He whom I own my very existence to.

There can only be regrets at this time. I cannot help but feel that life is kind of like the seasons, even though we do not get them here. We take for granted the beauty in spring and the bright sunshine in summer. Before you even know it, it is fall and winter will be due soon. Only this winter never ends...

Friday, February 24, 2006


I had been busy with assignments this past couple of days, and it will probably be this way until next week at the earliest. I should really hit myself for wasting a perfectly good amount of time doing nothing in particular during the earlier part of the week. I kind of knew this would happen but that's the problem with a lot of people- We don't learn our lessons.

Anyway, I'd just leave you guys with links :) Great way to blog, huh?
And help me complete my Johari window too!

This is a must for anyone interested in the Matrix Trilogy or philosophical discussions. It's very heavy reading but interesting nonetheless.

And for a little more humour- Google is testing their new Paypal killer with Gbuy. You probably won't even need to understand Hokkien to realise this is a pretty bad choice of name.

Er... no links to the NYP sex scandal though, haha. I think everyone knows about it already.

No more $4 an hour part-time job for poor students.

And finally, a link to Jackson's puzzle. It's probably no kick to the notpr0n players. There's no blog on his homepage yet so shall we convince him to do so?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

One half of a semester's over

Before I knew it, the quiz week is over and so is the first half of this semester. Well, granted it's been only 7 weeks, it still seems so much shorter than the first semester's. Which was really funny because I always thought time passes quickly only when you are enjoying yourself. I don't believe I enjoyed myself so why the hell is it recess week already? I must have suffered more last sem or something.
Perhaps as we start getting used to the same environment and daily routines, time just passes by faster. If that's true, then you should keep changing your environment and daily routines so you'd never get used to them and time will also begin crawling. Poor Qin Shih Huang then wouldn't need to look for an immortality pill and neglect ancient China as a result. He could have been ruling his dynasty properly while locked up in the torture chambers. It's uncomfortable and painful for sure, but he will definitely be wondering if time just slowed down. "What? It's only been two hours since I was prodded, whipped and slapped around?"

The school says next week is a recess week but everybody knows its for catching up with schoolwork. But more astute ones probably know that its for people to stone away while pretending to catch up with schoolwork:
Sat - Ah, it's the weekend, I will take a break and start work on Monday
Mon - It's Monday- just one more day of rest lar
Tues - Friends jio me out to play
Wed - Heck I still have 4 more days
Thurs - Damn no time liao, let me start with projects due on Mon
Fri - Tried to focus on work but slept/chat/surf net instead
Sat - Yay! Weekend!

Good luck convincing yourselves to work :)

By the way,

You scored as Psychology.

You should be a Psychology major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with
Die. Take wrong degree liao.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The very cheem word in the subject actually means "lust".

Today's Valentine's Day so if I don't talk about lust today, then when? Now, I'm certainly not implying that all the couples out there celebrating right now are lusting for one another. Well, maybe they are. Anyway, lust must have been a starting point for like 99% of these couples. It's always like this:
  1. Boy meets girl
  2. Boy lusts for girl
  3. Boy asks girl out
  4. etc
Don't argue, I'm right. Maybe in some situations the roles are switched but lust always plays a part. Most people will say stuff along the lines of "But we started out as friends!" Yeah, but the guy probably had something else in mind when he befriended the girl. Detractors will also say stuff like "It was love at first sight!" "I knew he/she was the one!" That's lust right there. So what about the remaining 1%? I don't know, I'm just playing safe. If I offend you, you are in that 1%.
Then again, what's so bad about concupiscence?

Ok so my inaugural post turns out to be a "sour grapes" kind of argument but I'm sure many singles out there can understand what goes through the mind of a single guy on Valentine's:) Damn those couples. This day was made to suan all the unattached. After spending his whole life blessing couples and being celibate I guess Sir Valentine gained some sadistic streak on his death. Now he wants to torture all singles with insane jealousy on this day forever after.